Build 10 Is Out!

Hey everyone! New chapter's finally out! I think I've already spent enough time hyping it up already, so just jump right in and see it for yourself!

Next chapter will probably be a lot smaller than this one, but here's hoping it'll be released a lot quicker as well. It'll feature at least one new CG with cameo slots, so if you don't want to lose the chance to have yourself or your character appear in the novel, be sure to hop on the Discord and wait for the full announcement soon!

Not much else to say beyond that. Have a good read, and take care! ^w^


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Sorry if this has been addressed somewhere else, but when a new build is released, am I able to toss my old save file onto it? Or somehow update my existing client to not have to go through the entire thing again to see the new content?

You cannot load old saves in newer versions without a chance of the game breaking, no.

But if you start a new game, and say you've played the game before, you'll get access to the chapter select screen where you'll be able to get back to where you left off immediately. Finding the exact chapter might be a little tricky without asking, but every time a new build is released, the latest chapter is always at the bottom (might need to scroll for it though).

i still feel it's criminal you've opted to take all choices/and possibility of branching off out. mostly because i can't assure nem they're adoraboe anymore. 😔

Will there later be a bromance chapter between protagonist and other synthetic character? Or will there be a 3rd synthetic character appearance in the story? 


This story isn't about, nor will it feature any romance of any kind. =V

oh no, I didn’t mean by romantic relationship. I meant more like a type of friendly relationship where the stoic syntheic may or not later treat protagonist as a hopeless little brother, and eventually thinks as literal brothers for them being both synthetics for some reason as the story thickens. (-w-u)


Despite the setbacks it is an incredible chapter the wait was worth it. I think that Rene can give us data that will not be addressed in the story No more future has a big world to explore, he could even tell us about the creative process of each chapter, inspirations, scraps etc.It will be fun i'm sure that a lot of people would like to know more about the project and the people behind the scenes! :3


Well I am a bit curious about the Synthetics 

Can they swim, like in a pool or ocean??Considering what they're made of.

And do they still have lust in their mind and underneath

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Bonk! No horni!

But on the matter of swimming, yes, they can swim. -w-

No no! Not for horni reasons! Like I'm just curious if all of a yuuman's emotions is transferred, how do they deal with lust

Btw it's cool that they can still swim and feel pain


Question for rene:

What does Prometheus's logo look like?

We've seen Pandora's and I'm curious. 


well well well, what do we have here.
seeing this update just made my day just a bit better :)


Thanks for all the hard work!