A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

A game by Sedge;
With concept, character, and background art by Nik Rouz;
And music by Gator TotsEymonHop-Skip & The Chewtoys and various others.

Anything can begin, and end, at a moment's notice...

You're a young adult yuuman (homo anthropomorphis), living in a futuristic America in the late 22nd century. Though you had a life, dreams, and aspirations once, it all got swept away once you were diagnosed with incurable late-stage brain cancer; now you're stuck in a hospital, living the last few weeks of your life in existential agony, incapable of processing what you did wrong to deserve this fate.
Everything changes when, one day, you're approached by a scientist from the world's largest mega-corporation, who offers you a chance to escape your dying body and have your mind transplanted onto an android synth vessel; the only catch being, nobody knows whether the process works or not, whether you'll survive the transition or ultimately perish. With little holding you back, you eventually accept...
...You awaken in your new body, feeling quite different from how you were before. Nobody can tell whether it's truly you inside the machine, or an AI pretending, believing that it's you. Not even you can tell. In a world where technology's constantly evolving, advanced AIs are viewed with fear and suspicion and few things are certain, you have to rebuild your old life from scratch, convince those who abandoned you on your deathbed that you're still here, and ultimately figure out whether you truly are who you claim to be.

About the game:

NMF is a linear Furry Sci-Fi Visual Novel: explore a high-tech futuristic world as an android, meet all sorts of new people and reconnect with some old faces, find the truth behind your existence and your purpose in this new world.

The game addresses heavy topics such as death, suicide, depression, anxiety, and existential dread. If you are suffering from depression or are easily overwhelmed by these topics, I advise you to exercise caution when reading the contents of this VN or refrain from playing altogether.

The game is entirely SFW, though there are some adult non-explicit jokes thrown in for comedic effect. There aren't, nor will there ever be, any explicit scenes or suggestive content in this VN.
There are fight scenes in the novel that feature non-graphic depictions of violence.

Updates will be irregular, but regular progress reports will be made through Devlogs here on Itch, through my Twitter, and lastly through my public Discord server. You can also check out my Patreon and especially my Ko-Fi! Every donation helps a lot, so please consider donating if you can! ^w^

With all that said, we hope you'll enjoy your stay!

Updated 4 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Action, Adventure
TagsAtmospheric, Furry, LGBT, Narrative, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Thriller
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

Installation Instructions:

- Windows: Download and extract the NMF PC.zip file. Launch the game with the NMF.exe file.
- Linux: Download and extract the NMF PC.zip file and launch a new terminal window. Drag the NMF.sh file into your terminal window and hit enter to launch the game.
- MacOS: Download and extract the .zip file and launch the 'NMF' application file.
- Android devices: Download the .apk file to your compatible Android device, install using file browser or your downloads window. Launch via the 'No More Future' icon in your app drawer.

Installation Notes:

- Android users may need to enable 'Install from Unknown Sources' setting in order to complete install.
- Do not attempt to make any modifications or alterations to the NMF install directory. Doing so may cause technical issues or software instability.


NMF-10.0-pc.zip 263 MB
NMF-10.0-mac.zip 228 MB
NMF-10.0-android.apk 248 MB

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Well you ask for questions so I shall provide! I'm new to the story (my first reading is the 10th build) so I apologise for any repeat questions in advance; feel free to just direct me to the relevant answers. And for anybody reading this who hasn't already read this masterpiece, go read it instead of this because there will likely be spoilers and it's definitely worth it to keep the mystery intact.

Is that a Rook cameo I spy?! So now I'm curious about how and why you pick the people you feature as cameos (I'm pretty sure there's more I just don't recognise)? In particular, whether there's a conversation between yourself and those you insert into the background?

What other types of Abilities are there? As far as I can remember, there's only really been mention of cryomancy and a few other things that could be speculatively connected to Abilities.

Has there been much research into Abilities? Nat was supposedly, an expert about Abilities but she mostly just talks about how the scientific community don't know much other than that Abilities started popping up after the Shift and that they have yet to be able to measure them effectively. Considering they have the technology to interface with yuuman brains, surely they've tried measuring the brain activity of people while they use their Abilities? And what about the capacities of particular Abilities? Such as seeing how cold a cryomancer can make a room, how quickly this occurs, and working out what happens to the heat energy from the room. I guess I'm just generally curious about the details of the experiments that have been performed regarding Abilities. 

Also, minor note: when a scientist uses the term "theory" they mean an explanation of a phenomenon that has a lot of solid evidence supporting it which is why you'll never hear a scientist dismiss an idea as "just a theory". A better term to use, for during that water cooler conversation in the lab, might be "hypothesis" which is a meaningful explanation which can make predictions that can be proven false with an experiment. Just a little lesson in scientific literacy, free of charge!

Here's a more speculative question, is that shade an Ability user?! Because we know it can have physical form and even converse with multiple people at once who have the same perceptions of it, such as in the train with Daphne. Those times it appears, such as the protagonist's investigation of Daphne and Apollo's family photo, can be explained with the protagonist not being a perfect narrator since Bradbury can also seemingly appear out of no where as well. The vision distortions it causes could also potentially explained by being some kind of Ability that manipulate people's perceptions which may even carry over to androids if their perception works in a similar enough way to yuumans. And considering the shade has bright red eyes like Daphne, seems to only show up when Daphne is around, and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her parents (likely involving trauma), the shade could be someone related to her and watching over her.

What is the distinction between C-Grade and B-Grade AI? The main difference I can find is that B-Grade AI have the ability to initiate conversations. Such as how Arthur, a B-Grade AI, could interrupt the protagonist while they were doing something else, in contrast to the C-Grade AI guarding George's house which only responds when the protagonist engages the intercom (or otherwise attempts to enter the house).

Where did the title of The Owners come from and when was it first used? Most companies refer to the people who own company shares as shareholders, investors, or stakeholders, so I'm curious what triggered the granting of this title? Eccentricity of wealthy people I guess?

I'm also very curious about what the modifications made to Harlan's black box are. Because I feel like any changes to the super secure component that holds a Transferred yuuman's mind/soul would be very important. One modification I can think of that the FBI might want, is to allow them to look into it while it works thus turning it into a grey or white box. This is of course so they can make sure it's still Harlan in there and nothing else that Pandora might of put in there. Another could be to introduce more loyalty or obedience into the personality of the new Harlan. Although, I'm less certain about this modification since I'm pretty sure the old Harlan is an old veteran friend of Bradbury's rather than some kind of useful criminal I initially thought he was.

Here's another history question, when and why was the no violence for no reason whatsoever law passed? I'm particularly curious about the kinds of arguments that were made to particularly exclude self defence as an exception to it. Since, as far as I can reason, not allowing self defence unreasonably burdens the targets of attacks and thus emboldens initiators. Consider that anyone being attacked have only three initial options: attempt to flee, which is the only right option according to this law and could fail due to the environment, and the skills of the attacker and target; take the beating without fighting back, which could result in death and is guaranteed to be painful, and then report the attacker, if able, to get some semblance of justice; and defending themselves which doesn't stop the attacker from attacking someone else without also punishing the defender when reporting the fight. Now consider these outcomes from an attacker's perspective, who has the advantage of choosing the location and method of attack, and is already willing to risk becoming a target for law enforcement: if their target flees they either catch them, which allows the attacker to continue with their plan, or they escape which means no fight occurred and thus the attacker is not punished; if their target takes the beating, the attacker's plan can continue as intended; and if their target does fight back, they can disengage without the worry of the target reporting the fight since that would punish them both. So not exempting self defence from a no violence law mostly serves to hide fights rather than deter them.

Anyway, regardless of whether these question that I have posed get answered or even considered, if you couldn't tell, I'm very invested in this great story and I'm glad to have stumbled upon it. Keep up the good work!

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just finished chapter 8 I loved it I also have a question i believe jasper said that the media was 1 of the businesses pandora doesn't mostly govern but what are the others?

(1 edit) (+2)

Words cannot describe the childlike joy I felt upon seeing a Protogen visor in this.

Also here's hoping Ren茅 doesn't realize that he and you are the same entity, I can't see him tending to the library in the middle of an existential crisis.

(1 edit) (+1)

Maybe we'll have the option to tell him at the very end of the story 


I know I should say something on how amazing this update is or the chapter, but all I am gonna say is.  You put a Prometheus and Pandora reference and I didn't miss it!  I already feel nerdy and invested reading it, don't hit me with a mythos joke so late in the game!


I still find it interesting that the mary at the beginning thinks the outcome is binomial.
however this is not the case.

1.the transfer could fail and the android could cease to function entirely.

2.the transfer could fail and the android continues as if it succeeded.

3.the transfer could be successful but the android ceases to function.

4.the transfer could be successful and the android has lose of some functionality.

5.the transfer could be successful and the android is entirely functional.

and assuming (5) than there is variants of that outcome
5a.your trapped in a body you don't control.

5b.your in a body that you partly control.

5c.your in a body that you fully control.

5a and 5b are outcomes i'd consider worse than just dying.

and these outcomes of course are only the ones i could think of, i imagine there are some i would not know of.

interesting story so far.
the protagonist is still torturing me to the very core though.
the story has yet to disprove my hypothesis in regards to the FBI agent but it hasn't yet proved it either.

this , certainly is intriguing.

(3 edits) (+2)

The latest Build 10 was awesome. The writing here is really amazing. It really adds to what happened in the last build. How the atmosphere and scene was presented in the past build. And the further context with this Build. I hope you take your time to make the next build. It was worth the wait; at least i think so.^^

(i don't know if editing ends up as a notification. Sorry if it does. I wanted to make sure to leave a good comment about my thoughts.)


I love this story so far and i always try to think of what new features could be added. like and I how different menu themes depending on where you are in the story thing like that and the story is cash and character are well done. Long story short I will read this story throughout 


Ohhhh Its comin soon!

(4 edits) (+2)

This is the best story I have read. The way you literally created emotion is absolutely beyond me, you made me feel as if I was right there. Since I've gotten depression, I feel like my emotions have been watered down, so to speak, and this story has made me feel more while reading this than I have in the last couple of years.

Good shit man, I dont see how you could make this any better than it is. Prove me wrong and I'll buy you a beer. I'm actually being serious abt that.

See ya in build 10


But I don't like beer... TwT

All jokes aside, glad you've been enjoying the game! Sadly I'm a maniac perfectionist, so I foresee tons of "improvements" to the story moving forward... but let's hope I find the time to update it with new content every once in a while as well. -w-

And finally... soon... >=3

(5 edits) (+1)

Ah, well, maybe I can buy you a cider or a juice box. ;D

Otherwise, I know what you mean and same goes here as an autistic perfectionist, but I know whatever comes out nexr, no matter how long, is going to be great even in the worst scenario.

Quick question tho, are you going to involve Isaac's close family at some point and is the Senate going to ratify a decision on Synthetics?


We already involved the family in the form of George. Whether we'll see more or not remains to be seen. -w-


It has been a month so an update is probably going to drop soon!!

They work real hard on this like monthly updates is amazing 

Eh, might still be a few weeks before a public update. I had to take a break to focus on my driving studies, so that set the new update a little further back. Hopefully we'll have something new for our supporters on Patreon/Ko-Fi soon, among other things.

Jasper kinda fruity tho 馃槼

(2 edits)

The last build I played was build 7.2, and since I didn't had time I have been putting off the game for a while and
because of the 'after story part' I wanted to check out that part in build 8 instead of skipping to build 9. But there are no way to download that version?

The devlog posts download button just forward me to the main page instead


We delete each past version of the game when the new one is released. The after-story parts are meant to be a little something extra for players who download and play through every new update, and that's the only way to not miss out on them (though Youtube videos also exist, I suppose).

You're not missing anything by not reading through them though. They're not integral to the main story, they're just a way to reward truly dedicated readers with a smidge of irrelevant content. =V

Good god Its already Been 11 days it feels like it came out 2 days ago

I will try this VN...See later


I remember whin this game was only on pc mac and Android and now on Apple store I gotta say you've come a long way and for that congratulations for that 

I wish can play this game but I have a trash phone


Unfortunate... there's a few playthroughs on Youtube of the game if you want to follow those along instead, but if you'd rather not I totally understand. I look forward to the day you can try the game out for yourself! ^w^

Mkay :)


What i played of this game was truly amazing, when isaac was filled with dread in situations i could feel it too, can't wait for the next build of this!


Hi!!! I'm loving this story, and got all the way to the end of build 8 in one day :O I had it installed already, and saw there was an update so I went ahead and updated it, but when I load in to my old loads, it crashes :[. I had saved even before the end thing so I'm not sure what's going on, but I still really enjoyed it!!


Hey! Sorry about that, it just happens sometimes in-between builds. You can always use the Chapter Select feature (available by starting a new game and answering "yes" to the first question) to get back up to where you left off quickly without the need for saves. Hope you enjoy the new build!

Hello!! I just tried that out and it just worked, thank you! Was just a lil confusing because there were two choices for each type of build on start up lol, but I got it :D!!

It doesn't give me the chapter select feature, and I have the weird save glitch..

What do you mean? What happens when you start a new game?

It just says "I see. A new face.." This might be something other than what you are thinking of so here is some of it

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.
While loading <'Image' u'images/bg/bg/bg transition.webp.webp'>:
  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 274, in script
  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 274, in script
  File "renpy/common/00start.rpy", line 278, in <module>
  File "renpy/common/00action_file.rpy", line 452, in __call__
Exception: Couldn't find a place to stop rolling back. Perhaps the script changed in an incompatible way?

Also sorry for the late response


Multiple new sprites, huge twists and turns in the story, beautiful backgrounds and more?! Build 9 was a ton of fun to experience beginning to end, seriously great work, Sedge!

You mention at the end that you aren't getting any questions to build a discussion after the story. Where are people supposed to submit such questions? It wasn't entirely clear to me, and I'd love to help contribute to the conversation as I'm sure others would too.

Only Outstanding Readers get to ask questions now, and you become one by subscribing to either our Patreon or Ko-Fi for a certain amount.


Oh okay gotcha, thanks for the info! Might become an outstanding reader sometime soon, but for now I'll settle for "Meh Reader"


Newest story build was cool to read.^^

The background art was great, i think it did well with the tone of story at that section.

Love how you update it almost every 20 days 

...Last update was in February. =T


Glad I found this VN. This is now one of my top favorites! Can't wait to see where this story goes.


love the way the story is going and can't wait for more!


Was the Yes less Past the break thing


Yes Less Past is an april fools FVN (guess you can clearly relate it to No More Future)


At least for me, I think non self inserts are usually more intriguing, or at least informative. Seeing how another person reacts due to a certain way they were brought up, the way others react to them, and their history is far more interesting than picking a couple of options when I don't know their full story. Like you mentioned in the alternative toaster universe, people seem to not like opinionated characters, but I couldn't love them more. Even if I don't always agree with their choices, I enjoy reflecting on why they may have made those choices based on who they are, which in turn tells me more about them as characters.

(1 edit) (+4)

Man i Really love this VN i  lost track of time rereading it last i checked it was 6:12 PM now is 11:29PM. If I didn't have school in the morning I would be up all night but finishing this. I blame you WHY would you make it so good

(1 edit)

LOL, me to. I ended up pulling an all-nighter because of how good this is.


You really cut down ALOT of the choices we could make


It is a linear vn- most of the choices are just for flavor. 


Pretty much. The only choices you can make are in the prologue, and aside from whether you keep the default name or not, they're not particularly relevant.

(6 edits) (+1)

(Reporting a bug I think) I was playing it again but i skipped to the Meeting Apollo and When he went to give us an introduction he said Isaac and when we speak it also says Isaac

(I did have my name changed...I think I did anyway)

(This part isn't a bug report its just a question) Will there be different Story changing outcomes from the choices you make? And will we have to at any point talk to are parents/George`s

(also isnt a bug report) Did you get rid of the part where you tell whats his face the FBI dude to fuck off. Just finished that part and i am happy to see that its just a normal part of it now 

We are aware of that bug and have fixed it. Should be good to go starting from the next Patreon build.

Also, no, there won't be any choices in this novel past the prologue and the story will be fully linear. -w-


Hello I have very little to say other than your great you and your team really have a masterpiece here 

Ps:I think the way you did the "to be continued "was brilliant and still enticed me almost as much as the actual story due to the mystery behind it.   UwU


I'm still in the middle of playing thru this VN after putting it off fur the longest time- but dang, do I efur love it!! All the characters are so loveable, and I relate to Isaac and Nem the most!! I love the music, the whole world it builds, efurrything! <3

Also, I don't know if it's intentional, but the way Isaac's transition from yuuman to synthetic is handled reminds me of a lot of my own (gender) transition, and that just makes me love it all the meowre! :3


First off; love this VN, been following it ever since there was only one proper chapter. Second off and related to that; there has been a line with a very minor oversight that's persisted ever since back then so I wanted to bring it up. During the introduction with Nats there is a point where your character is refered to as "he" even when I chose "she/her" at the beginning, but as far as I know that is the only time it happens. I don't know if I should just outright say which line it is here or somehow contact you directly about it.


Thanks, I see it now. We'll have it sorted in the next release!

yeah, i've noticed a similar issue when first meeting with bradbury, he refers to the mc as "he" in one instance even when i chose they/them pronouns.


I actually also noticed this, there's an incidence in the first meeting with Jasper where the male pronoun gets used, and then one where Jasper is referred to with the choice pronoun in the same sentence as the male pronoun which felt kind of confusing. Minor issues, though.

I was going through the new version vn (ver 8.2) again, and I noticed that even I chose to be called with another name, they still call me Isaac. I wonder if it's a bug, or you make it intentionally.

When does this happen? Did you start from the beginning, or from a later chapter?

Both. I started from Chapter 1, and noticed I was using the name Isaac. And then I chose to start from the beginning, but sadly nothing changed.

I finally make some time to play further. Now that I got my new body, I'm finally using the new name I chose. Problem solved. Sorry for any trouble I brought, and thanks for the great work.

Yeah, that's intended. The MC only changes their name post-Transition. Apologies if that was confusing. -w-

The option was offered to select a name for yourself in earlier versions, as in a name that you would have post-Transition. I understand removing a few choices with a retcon (like the vending machine in Ch. 1) but removing the choice of a former name felt a bit odd.


I played this over a couple of days. I enjoyed the themes of the story and the writing. The artwork and art design is also great.^^ I can't wait for more and wish the team good luck on the development.^^

Thanks! ^w^


This used to be a great visual novel but now there's no more choices anymore except the whole whether you to still want be called issac or something else it sucks


Just because a VN no longer has choices doesn't mean its bad. Its true that the ability to influence the story has its appeal, but the story itself isn't diminished by making it fully linear. Imo, I think the game is still very enjoyable regardless


I assure you, eliminating a few useless choices that didn't impact the plot in the slightest ruined absolutely nothing. But you're entitled to your opinion nonetheless. -w-

It's just that having options that do nothing solidify's the whole no more future title that no matter what you do nothing changes as you'll never be in control of what happens next

Yeah... that's not what the title's supposed to mean. -w-



I just had a content idea. What if there was a separate file, either as another game/minigame or as a mod for the current game that showed the full tour in (I believe) chapter six? I believe there are people who would love to see more about that considering the current content available to the public is already very exciting. I'm not going to say too much more about it, so I don't spoil anyone's gaming experience too much, but as an absolute science nut I'm very intrigued by the possible theoretical scientific learning potentials. I do like the descriptions already there, and I feel as if it's already given me valuable knowledge to new and very exciting theories. If anyone on helping development of the game feels as if it's too much to handle, then I can understand why, considering the further development of the game is a big task already, so if my request is seen as unreasonable then I won't have any complaints. But, I am already excited about what I have seen and what my imagination has come up with in response. Sorry for making this comment so long, but I'm invested in the theories you and your team have placed in my mind and I felt that a longer message would show my feelings better. 

I've been criticized in the past for making my descriptive sequences too long, so I figured I shouldn't bore people with unnecessary details or going too in-depth on technologies that are barely understood in-game, much less IRL. It's better to keep things brief and simple, as much as possible anyway. -w-

Thanks for appreciating what we wrote so far anyway! ^w^


Thank you for the timely reply, and I can understand why you've come to say this. If there are bigger reasons that you feel are important enough to decline my idea, then I am willing to take no as an answer because I know that game development isn't easy, so I don't want to put more unnecessary strain onto anyone that doesn't want it. But, the idea I had was to have a file, either separate from the game or as a DLC pack, that could be downloaded by those who are interested and are willing to go through those lengthy descriptions. Something to let those who want to see such descriptions have that choice, but also letting those who just want to see the game have the option to exclude the bigger description in favour for just enjoying the game for what the storyline has to offer. Again, if there are any reasons that you feel this idea should be declined, even if you don't list them, I am willing to take no as an answer. Even if the reason is that one person is uncomfortable with creating that content, I don't mind and, if you would rather not let me know why this idea is being declined, then I am fine not knowing the reasons behind it. Thank you for replying beforehand, and thank you for previously considering my idea. Again, I am sorry I have made this message so long. 


I mean, that's a lot of effort we'd have to go through to craft extra content that only a select few people would be interested in, only to get called out by many for being entirely ignorant of basic scientific theory =V

I'd rather stick with what I'm comfortable writing than pretend to be knowledgeable in fields I have absolutely no experience in. -w-


people who complain about scientific accuracy in a Sci-Fi world are very 馃拃

being a science person i love how people can have their own interpretations of modern technology and the future, and half of what keeps me reading is the distinctly recognizable but subtly different setting that is the world. 

a lot of sci-fi-ish things these days would also attempt to bring into play how certain major disasters affected the time in between ours and theirs, and it has a huge impact on plot. here, instead, the plot is focused on the characters themselves so far, which feels a lot more engaging than just story points.

Rene said that there aren't enough questions being sent in, if that's the case, where can we send in more questions?


The questions can only be asked by Outstanding Readers on Patreon and Ko-Fi right now. -w-

Ah, thanks for clearing that up I didn't know

Is there a discord


It's at the bottom of the description of the game =V


This game art style is great



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