A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

A game by Sedge;
With concept, character, and background art by Nik Rouz;
And music by Gator TotsEymonHop-Skip & The Chewtoys and various others.

Anything can begin, and end, at a moment's notice...

You're a young adult yuuman (homo anthropomorphis), living in a futuristic America in the late 22nd century. Though you had a life, dreams, and aspirations once, it all got swept away once you were diagnosed with incurable late-stage brain cancer; now you're stuck in a hospital, living the last few weeks of your life in existential agony, incapable of processing what you did wrong to deserve this fate.

Everything changes when, one day, you're approached by a scientist from the world's largest mega-corporation, who offers you a chance to escape your dying body and have your mind transplanted onto an android synth vessel; the only catch being, nobody knows whether the process works or not, whether you'll survive the transition or ultimately perish. With little holding you back, you eventually accept...

...You awaken in your new body, feeling quite different from how you were before. Nobody can tell whether it's truly you inside the machine, or an AI pretending, believing that it's you.

Not even you.

In a world where technology's constantly evolving, advanced AIs are viewed with fear and suspicion and few things are certain, you have to rebuild your old life from scratch, convince those who abandoned you on your deathbed that you're still here, and ultimately figure out whether you truly are who you claim to be.

About the game:

NMF is a linear Furry Sci-Fi Visual Novel: explore a high-tech futuristic world as an android, meet all sorts of new people and reconnect with some old faces, find the truth behind your existence and your purpose in this new world.

The game addresses heavy topics such as death, suicide, depression, anxiety, and existential dread. If you are suffering from depression or are easily overwhelmed by these topics, I advise you to exercise caution when reading the contents of this VN or refrain from playing altogether.

The game is entirely SFW, though there are some adult non-explicit jokes thrown in for comedic effect. There aren't, nor will there ever be, any explicit scenes or suggestive content in this VN.
There are fight scenes in the novel that feature non-graphic depictions of violence.

Updates will be irregular, but regular progress reports will be made through Devlogs here on Itch, through my Twitter, and lastly through my public Discord server. You can also check out my Patreon and especially my Ko-Fi! Every donation helps a lot, so please consider donating if you can! ^w^

With all that said, we hope you'll enjoy your stay!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(323 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Action, Adventure
TagsAtmospheric, Furry, LGBT, Narrative, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Thriller
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


NMF-12.0-pc.zip 278 MB
NMF-12.0-mac.zip 243 MB
NMF-12.0-android.apk 268 MB

Install instructions

Installation Instructions:

- Windows: Download and extract the NMF PC.zip file. Launch the game with the NMF.exe file.
- Linux: Download and extract the NMF PC.zip file and launch a new terminal window. Drag the NMF.sh file into your terminal window and hit enter to launch the game.
- MacOS: Download and extract the .zip file and launch the 'NMF' application file.
- Android devices: Download the .apk file to your compatible Android device, install using file browser or your downloads window. Launch via the 'No More Future' icon in your app drawer.

Installation Notes:

- Android users may need to enable 'Install from Unknown Sources' setting in order to complete install.
- Do not attempt to make any modifications or alterations to the NMF install directory. Doing so may cause technical issues or software instability.

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Unfourtanately reached end of this build((

After all i can say that definitely enjoyed this game despite all of it flaws which i'll explain later.As for me best thing in this VN that's it makes think about everything described.Now it's rare to see anyone who lift up AI consciousness and similar topics.So only for this and amount of efforts which devs put in this NMF i definitely can rate 10/10.

English isn't my primary language so sorry for all grammatic and similar mistakes inside text.Next, i definitely cannot say about yourself as an expert in this kind of topic but read numerous books, played some games, watched films and read some scientific papers which lift up this and related themes, plus most important pondered about it for... pretty long time.

So if you disagree with my opinion on NMF and topic i happilly agree to discuss under this post.In any case guess it's part of devs intention))


And will begin with.... what is actually things like "AI", person "humanity" or "yuumanity*"

*In general there's simply no difference so will use yuumanity when i'm talking about NMF, in other cases would use humanity.

AI means Arficial Intellegence, but what we usually get used to name "AI"?Generally it's just nothing more than advanced programs, so called "neural networks ", etc which do exactly for what they are programmed , nothing more.In sci-fi or some discussions usually we can meet combination of words "sentient AI" or in very rare cases some unique words which describes same but they aren't generally accepted.

So as we haven't generally accepted word which means "sentient AI" I would use "AI", in other cases "programs", "highly advanced programs", "AI imitation", etc.

Why so?AI became really popular and hype abbreviation and described things in 95-99+% cases aren't fit for this therm and used only to just get people attention.So with all these facts phrase "sentient AI" much much worse than using instead "humans" phrase "sentient apes" because apes(hell, even mice) have much more intellect and sentieness than any so called "AI".

Unfortunately i can't use something else instead AI because it would make text less understable.Maximum what i can do is not using AI therm for nothing more than programs or similar things.

Most fun part if scientists someday will create fully functional brain with self-awareness it still would be AI.Under "fully functional brain" i not necessarily mean human brain.To be precise it would be biological AI.

Main part about AI,NMF and related would be after reasoning(hope i used correct word) about "What is person humanity?" because it's important for next reasoning.

I wouldn't digging deep in this topic because it's irrelevant for this "discussion" and NMF and it will be so general that's i can say about this as "anyonity".

Basically it's accordance of person to society generaly accepted things like morality, attitudes, etc + personal feeling about who is he/she/they.If they're too different or became different we can say(as example i will use us)  that person haven't or losing his/her/their humanity.


In machine AI case often people talking about emotions (not yet described in NMF) and "doing necessary stuff" which is described in NMF but in a wrong way.

In reality this two problems not even problems, people just overstimate them.

Most(besides people with head problems) humans have emotions but emotions isn't things which are produced by consciousness if did they would be as different as people personality.But they are same - anger, fear, happiness, etc.And more important animals which is big enough have them too, yes, they can be simpler than humans but still, they're exist.It is natural adaptation in order to help them survive like fear of predators or height(for mature non-flying creatures).These who completely haven't them simply died and disappeared forever.

So emotions isn't product of our mind and if we can create AI with consciousness we also can make non-organic alternative which allows machine to have emotions.All of steryotype about machine consioness as pure logical emotionless things is nothing more than delusion and fault of dumb sci-fi scientists.

Remember that our brain based around neuron interaction between them by electrical impulses and transferring atoms or molecules( as i remember) and this theoretically can be made in synthetic "brain".Also at least some of functions(researching of this topic just began) work thanks to quantum physics, but that's another topic and it is irrelevant for this.

With "doing necessary stuff" everything much more simpler and funnier - mostly is nothing more than illusion.Because we do them because our body allows them(excempt pure mental) by hormones, сhemical elements and other reasons.

Why we eat?Because we need food plus what's more important our body produces hormones(i don't exactly remember what, but it is definitely chemical elements, but i will call this hormones even if it not hormone.Okay?) which make us happier if food tastes good.If not this and if taste buds are gone no one would enjoy his food.
So in this case if existed opportunity to not eat or drink we wouldn't.

Why we breathe or sleep?Because it's necessary for our body and mind plus earlier (before current tech level) we haven't nothing to do at night and that's boring.
I can compare this to flying for most birds - they're flying because this is necessary for their survival and they have opportunity to do this.
So if we didn't need to breathe and sleep plus haven't anything which allowed us to, nothing would changed for us.NOTHING.

Why we enjoy sex and it not simple breeding?Because hormones plus this feels nice.If not this we simply would have sex just for breeding.
I want to say thanks to devs for not putting this kind of mature content in NMF.But still it could be mentioned because sexual equipment pretty much important part of anyone.


Same probably for every "necessary stuff" on physical level.
Mental needs probably (i don't sure on 100%) come from both physical(like emotions) and spiritual origin.Latest probably exist due to our consciousness and cannot be measured so simply.

As conclusion i can say two things:
1.On my opinion NMF devs don't really understand topic about this.
2.If AI will made with ability to do and enjoy "necessary stuff" it would , at least on physical level, mental needs will exist(likely) but same or different no one can say; if not... you know, wouldn't.


Closer to end NMF have moment when Isaac bothered by "reality" of his feeling of the world, like hearing, feeling, seeing the world.And as for me devs don't really well explained this by Mary.
Simply if feelings aren't simulated they are completely real.Under simulated i mean made manually for just everything.Simulated feelings have same problem as program "сommon sense problem" - TOO MUCH DATA.So much that's all world data storage isn't enough to simulate basically everything.
Simpliest and most realistic solution is make adapters that can sense world in universal way instead of doing it manually.

No matter of result and how this feelings different compared to humans they would be as real as humans.We feeling everything as our body allows to, nothing more.
All possible feelings as big as pencil dot compared to house or even Earth.
To really feel universe in most realistic way you need to probably be universe itself or someone like Demiurg.



Here we go, to main part all of this and NMF main qustion about AI awareness and "Transited" people as well.

But at first i want to ask you and devs one qustion - do you really understand difference between AI with self-awareness with and without body with all it's functions?

Guess not.Okay, humans or yuumans are creators and they have body, feelings, etc but AI without body - not.And even if they would treat AI with self-awareness as real person and not only, this fact will likely cause inferiority complex plus other differences also can "help" in different ways.
Much less worse circumstances сause major problems in childrens mind which can drive to their hatred to society.Doesn't remind of anything?))
Plus even if to this AI granted emotions and his creators would treat as real person due to origin of his forming and eventually formed personality can be far different from humans and who knows which result this would have.Like wish to destroy humanity because they're destroying Earth and other life on it, nothing personal.

Even worse if they accidentally made AI with at least some levels of awareness and treating him as just machine, as nothing.So wish of exterminating creators becomes much less unrealistic. 

So idea of creating AI and giving android body with all it's restrictions and advantages, especially like NMFs with mostly closed external acess to it.As for me it's nearly best solution for AI.At least for forming AI healthy identity instead receiving good result as if in lottery.

With this far eathier treat AI as person, educate him, etc, just like child at first, than children... Remember from very beginning AI personality wouldn't have major differences from them, at least if base(brain, emotions,opportunity to feel,etc) for consciousness, self-awareness  was made properly.
Our personality and consciousness don't appeared on empty space, all thanks to DNA and all perfomed work to make the body and brain where consciousness and personality can appear and exist.

To believe(i later answer why believe) in AI consciousness and personality they must appear and exist not as something coded(which is only imitation) but on some premaded base after which no code are exist and there's only own actions.

I guess in NMF we have exactly same case in which scientists made only base and nothing else to be sure result wouldn't be "just another program".Main difference is transfering all expierience, thoughts and peronality from existing living person instead of growing it's own.

And i didn't really understand why in NMF Isaac, Mary and others seeking answer on wrong question - "Isaac just machine and original Isaac is died or Isaac never died, only his previous body", perhaps Isaac clearly bothering about this.
When real question is - "Indeed, Isaac definitely not a machine, but is he original Isaac"?
I'll tell right away, first question have it's right to exist but only for those who doesn't know how Isaac was "made".So who was directly involved into this + Isaac don't should be bothered about this too much.
In NMF reality we have two possible scenarios:
1.Isaac is Isaac and he is alive.
2.Isaac is exact Isaac copy and still alive("new" Isaac) + actually newborn but have illusion of opposite.


In first case everything is ok.But in second already exists moral dillemas which partially named in NMF like isn't his is just a pretender of original Isaac to his cousin and haven't rights to act as actual Isaac.But in NMF this mixed with "just a machine", disappointingly.

As for me secon case definitely not best, but better than nothing.At least in some sense you continue to live, bringing new life to world which would free from fear to die from old age.Unfortunately this is only partial immortality, but much more closer than existing  order of things.Plus it's helping for everyone who you cared for.And not only, сontinuation can take a while.
Clone would know this because he is same, 100% same, so he wouldn't so bothered about this.

But what's most exciting news - it's generally imposibly to verify without finding soul, perhaps in NMF.In reality already proven that perhaps some brain functions works by using quantum mechanics, i personally think our consciousness exist due to quantum mechanics.
If everything will be correctly transited without completely breaking quantum state initial person would survive if not, we would have a perfect clone of it.Ah yes, in reality i personally think AI with true consciousness must have brain working not only on physical level, but on quantum physics level too.

Without soul and quantum state factors is impossible to determine whether Isaac is original or clone.
So the only one way is social consensus, like that's one we using everyday - assuming each other as equally sentient beings.
Why is it social consensus?There's no way to disprove that our universe and everyone else can be just simulation on super-super computer.Or other similar things.
In this situation best what we can do is continue this social consensus about everyone.
Better than thinking of yourself and everyone like an AI, eh?*smirk*))

In Isaac case must be the same principle but devs decided to go easier way(basically cheating) and added Abilities, paranormal things, soul... I greatly dislike this decision which kills morality and reduces it all just to searching of soul existence(((


Devs showed in NMF really fucked up sotiety which is doomed in timef of few centuries or up to few thousand years.Pandora gigacorporation(one step and we would have Pandoranation) makes things even worse, especially with transiting.
At first we see so called "yuumanity" multispecied race which was made from ???(huge number) races formed by Shift event few centuries ago from humans.They definitely accustomed with this and everyone but later we see that they have HUGE brain problems.
Okay, they're treating humans as freaks(i understand why devs made so) but they also treat really badly those who was born with Abilities, hell, even simply no one came to Isaac by his/her/they own with good intentions just from curiosity , NO ONE.
Usually expected that multispecied race would be tolerate for those who "aren't as everyone" because they are already accustomed to differencies between yourself.

So from one side they're tolerate for those who aren't same as his race but from other side they aren't tolerate for those who aren't same as everyone -__- :/ .

I understand, devs projected humanity as yuumanity without mental changes but this is just ridiculous for whole multispecied race in this circumstances.


Besides yuumanity is pretty authoritarian society plus they aren't reached enough cultural and mental level but already have society with one corporation without nearly any competitors.
Yes, indeed leader bad it can be forcefully removed but no one can stop this corporation from slow degradation of her members especially with head problem which i already described plus who knows how many those problems.
Finally Pandora will greatly increase number of idiots just bad people by making them androids who aren't age.
Immortallity, even partial immortality isn't always a blessing, for those who aren't prepeared this would be a hell and for those who interacting with them too.
Seems like ending for yuumanity woud be much worse than for Trantorian Empire(read Azimov Foundation, reccomend to read from veкy begginning - The Bissential Man to Daniel Olivo stories and related to them -> to Foundation prequils and beyond.

P.S. It took a pretty long time to systematize everything in readable form))

P.P.S Just for discussions and thinking NMF deserves 10/10 but for major flaws only 6/10 , so i'll give well deserved 8/10(4/5).

(3 edits)

1st part can be skippes but it important for other parts.

"///////////" highlights where i make conclusion what devs made in right or wrong way(mostly latest).

I hope that would be interesting and helpful to read))


The warnings dont lie. 10 min in and already am having to be cautious about my mental health.

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Seek therapy then respectfully... 


i am already so its good


This game uhh... its like kind of a masterpiece!
How the hell is it free, the music, art and story is like top notch.

Great work, the lowest i can give is 9/10 but i know im givin this a 11/10

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Really enjoyed this VN, all the philosophical discussion including.

Minor Spoiler warning: 

The whole discussion with we first met Bradbury,  I kept thinking "yeah, ok. That's all true for (me/Isaac). But isn't it the same for you? If you can create an AI capable of perfectly copying a person to the point it believes itself to be a person, how can you be sure you ain't one yourself? Have you ever cut Open your skin/skull and had a look beneath? Even then,I meant unless Mary is right about Abilities being a proof of soul AND you have an Ability, you can't be sure you aren't a simulation of "Bradbury". If your own conviction doesn't count, you can always be a biological simulation of your self. If Cogito ergo sum can be a programmed thought, as Bradbury claims, no one can be sure if they are "real". 

(If ppl are interested in this, have a look at the zombie argument)

End spoiler 

No complaints about the writing, just something I felt I had to share.

 I enjoyed it, keep up the good work!

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As for me it's simple - i just don't care.

In your scenario i will treat "me" as actual person, and closest person.

Either for any kind of robot - if it will have consioness and apparently selfconsioness all is good.

P.S. Hell, after reading/watching some anime, VN, game etc which i really like most saddest thing for me that it's universe, characters simply... don't exist 😥

I always know, that's a work of fiction, but still...

P.P.S I know determination of consioness is compilcated.So if to be honest i will treat as actual person in any case if i can't say with at least 100% that it's haven't consioness and selfconsioness and just imitating it.

Sorry for my English , he isn't my native language and i'm bad in writing with it.


if ppl manage to create robots with the sentience of a human at that point you cant really classify it as a robot

(1 edit)

I mean based on "race" You probably classify it as a robot or something you wouldn't call a human.

(1 edit)

"Have you ever cut Open your skin/skull and had a look beneath?" a

There is very simple work around "x-rays." if they have the technology to make you a robot body they can certainly tell if you're actually robot as well. Anybody who could ever wonder that could just go get a $10 x-ray done.

I love this VN i can't wait for the next build

Question: Would you or are you considering creating a version of this that would work with web users by using unity or something? I can't speak for many, but I know that some of us are bound by the technology we use, and this seemed to be the only FNV on Itch that isn't about dating or something. Whether you are or aren't, this is just a suggestion and you can choose to follow it or not.

Unfortunately, we don't have any plans of making a browser version of the game at this time. Though we hate disappointing our fans, we simply don't have the time or experience needed to comfortably port the game to browser right now. If you can't download the PC/Mac version of the game, perhaps you could download it on Android or iPhone, whichever you have? Alternatively, you could try watching one of the many playthroughs of NMF on Youtube if all else fails.

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now im thinking about it can you do a quick demo of the game mot like the whole chapter 1 but just the start of the game

I cant get to Mary's side story on PC. I've redownloaded the files and it still doesn't work. It ends on chapter 8 with no way to scroll down. Any ideas?


It's not accessible through normal gameplay at the moment. You can access it by selecting "New Game" in the main menu and answering "No" to the prompt: this'll lead you to the Chapter Select screen, where you'll be able to find the new side story once you scroll to the bottom.

hahaha i frogot their name but somebody in this looks like my character

it had a e with the squiggle over it tho

half black and half white

love this

What is Mary's last name?

Is there going to be an apk version

Uploading now!

thank you


Just got off o Work and ready to Readd

Where did the apk version go?


Uploading now!

I love the game and i await every update when it comes out. I'm still not in position to support you guys with more then just my words. So its hard to ask for anything but i don't see the new 12 build and at this point i'm not sure if I can't find it or misread that it should already be public.

I absolutely loved this! Great visuals, Great story and great characters. Cant wait to explore more of this world. Keep up the good work!

i really enjoy the game on my iPhone so i downloaded it on my pc. i plan to upload videos of me playing the game (when i say game I mean visual novel but it is sort of a game) to help promote it because this game really deserves more attention. no idea when these videos will come out due to school and whatnot but i hope to get the first video out within the next month. keep up the good work!

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[Free from story spoilers ;)]

Wow. I played through this game on iOS today, and I literally could not put it down until the end. Might be one of my favorite games I've played through.

The storytelling was amazing. There were so many good quotes, the jokes were really funny, and it was super polished. You really get to know the characters, and I felt soo many emotions about the world that they inhabited. The ethical questions brought up by this game and the cool technology the game imagines will stick in my mind for a long time.

I started playing this game for the art, and the rest of the game did not disappoint! So many cute characters and environments that had me excited whenever the story moved to a new place. It really complemented the dialogue and scene descriptions, adding so much to the story. At some action-filled points the visual novel briefly turns into a comic, which was a delightful surprise.

The music at some points became repetitive, but I think I can chalk that up to a visual novel genre thing instead of a thing with this game, because the music was more-so to set up the mood of the scenes. It can also be just me experiencing this game in one sitting. It wasn't annoying to listen to, in fact it all sounded very lofi-esque/techno-y, matching each scene really well.

The way you get to choose your preferred pronouns and name at the beginning is nice, and they are both integrated into the story really well! Although it doesn't seem to change the story much with what you choose, I'm curious about if the characters would treat you slightly differently, or what they would do if you keep your old name.

The amount of care and talent this game exudes cannot be understated. I'm pretty new to the visual-novel genre, but I can't help but compare all the games I've played up to this point to this one. I really am excited for new content, and until then I'll try to find some other visual novels that are as awesome as this one was to play through!


Blasted through this in 7 hours; honest to god, one of my more enjoyable reads in a while. Nem is absolutely my favorite character rn except maybe mary but cmon. how can you not love mary

All in all, a solid 8/10 experience, can't wait to see where the story is going!


I got recommended this by someone I know.  Started playing through it and started asking myself "wait, where are the choices?".  At the time I only skimmed description and went into with some of my normal expectations of visual novels.  Only just now actually looking through the description again did I realize it specified this was a "linear" vn.  Still a good read though.


This is such a great game so much story. I can't wait for the next update.

This is one of the best games I played so far, I hope to see more of it and I cant wait for the next updates


I love the novel so far since it first came out and when I get to the end each time I am always intrigued by Renè they feel like two sides of the same coin poetic and realistic with their speech in the end it is one of my favorite parts about this game sedge keep up the great work love the story so far.


Yeah, I'm honestly sad that I found the game as late as I did because I missed out on all the Rene scenes.


More content was released while i was gone! :D

May I request a list of all the songs? I have gone into the credits and all it gave was the authors, but not the specific songs. Is there any way I could get a list of them? I really like those songs and would like to listen to them on my own accord.
Thanks in advance!


On the Discord, there's a channel with all the links to the musicians' Soundcloud/Spotify/Youtube channels. You'll find what you're looking for there! =V

Thanks a lot, I'll check it out

I really love this story. I'll be honest, it had a hell of a lot more content than I was initially expecting. That and it's still chugging along to boot. Super excited to be on this ride and am very interested to see where this story will go.

I'm having problems downloading/getting the NMF app to update with the new build on android and I've tried a few different things to get it to work, but so far the only thing that's worked is deleting the app that's linked to build 10 and losing my saves so I can download build 11. Does anyone know something I can do to get build 11 without losing my saves from 10? If not I'll just play through the story again


Sadly, that's how it seems to work on mobile. You have to delete the app every time before downloading the newest version. You can't keep your old saves that way, but if you start a new game, and say you've played before, you'll be able to start over from whichever chapter you wish!


That's unfortunate to hear, but thank you for the reply/clarification


You might be able to download the save file onto a pc to sideload into a new version but at that point its not worth doing that because the game is available on pc too, i havent tried to do that but if it works then that is also an option.

(1 edit)

If you a mobile user, you can easily copy your data or your progress from old version by using ZAchiver that you can download it in Google Play Store. All you need to do is go to the Android - Data and search for nmf.vn from old NMF version and then long tap and Copy or Cut and click data and move it to Device memory, and click this " + " the one above, click New folder and paste it. After that you can delete NMF old version, install new version and after you install it you You have to go to the folder you have created and copy back nmf.vn or cut and then go to Android - data and paste it! Done!


I can't wait to play more and I recommended people to play it it is really heartwarming and kinda heartwrenching.


I loved every part of this story so far, honestly I had completely forgotten this wasn't a finished and completely written out story until I got to the end of this build. Characters are lovely, the art is very nice and the music is super good! (I've had the game open in the background doing other things just to listen to the games music while doing said thing) and the story hits surprisingly close to home in a weird way. I very much look forward to reading more of this story and seeing more of the work in this!


I love this vn! The art is beautiful, the story is captivating, and the music, although limited to a few tracks, is always thematic and refreshing. However, I cannot finish it because I can relate to a lot of the issues characters face and it's too much. Still, though, amazing vn that I would love to pick up reading again once the themes and topics are a bit less relatable and real to me.


Everytime I read the scenes involving people staring at the MC, I find myself emphasising with him "^^_ I'm a goth, so I understand what it's like when people try to sneak pictures xD these scenes in NMF always make me laugh :3

I looove how the story is developing~ n_n keep up all the hard work >_</

(1 edit) (+6)

How long does it take to make the soundtracks for this? They also really fit the mood every time


cant wait for the next update tomorrow!


yes thank you sedge thank you so much i love this game a lot 

(1 edit) (+3)


Also Do we see Nem or are we still in the Big city?



It will be 10/10 when more content arrives 👍


i really love the toster boy joke


one question... is the game available in other languages? My native language is Spanish.


Currently, no. Translations are not a priority of ours right now, with so much of the game left to write, but we plan on start developing some eventually.


when it was mentioned how pandora labs sort of began in the late 1800's it immediately made me think of CTR the computing, tabulating, recording company which was a merger of 4 other companies which then later became IBM.


Well you ask for questions so I shall provide! I'm new to the story (my first reading is the 10th build) so I apologise for any repeat questions in advance; feel free to just direct me to the relevant answers. And for anybody reading this who hasn't already read this masterpiece, go read it instead of this because there will likely be spoilers and it's definitely worth it to keep the mystery intact.

Is that a Rook cameo I spy?! So now I'm curious about how and why you pick the people you feature as cameos (I'm pretty sure there's more I just don't recognise)? In particular, whether there's a conversation between yourself and those you insert into the background?

What other types of Abilities are there? As far as I can remember, there's only really been mention of cryomancy and a few other things that could be speculatively connected to Abilities.

Has there been much research into Abilities? Nat was supposedly, an expert about Abilities but she mostly just talks about how the scientific community don't know much other than that Abilities started popping up after the Shift and that they have yet to be able to measure them effectively. Considering they have the technology to interface with yuuman brains, surely they've tried measuring the brain activity of people while they use their Abilities? And what about the capacities of particular Abilities? Such as seeing how cold a cryomancer can make a room, how quickly this occurs, and working out what happens to the heat energy from the room. I guess I'm just generally curious about the details of the experiments that have been performed regarding Abilities. 

Also, minor note: when a scientist uses the term "theory" they mean an explanation of a phenomenon that has a lot of solid evidence supporting it which is why you'll never hear a scientist dismiss an idea as "just a theory". A better term to use, for during that water cooler conversation in the lab, might be "hypothesis" which is a meaningful explanation which can make predictions that can be proven false with an experiment. Just a little lesson in scientific literacy, free of charge!

Here's a more speculative question, is that shade an Ability user?! Because we know it can have physical form and even converse with multiple people at once who have the same perceptions of it, such as in the train with Daphne. Those times it appears, such as the protagonist's investigation of Daphne and Apollo's family photo, can be explained with the protagonist not being a perfect narrator since Bradbury can also seemingly appear out of no where as well. The vision distortions it causes could also potentially explained by being some kind of Ability that manipulate people's perceptions which may even carry over to androids if their perception works in a similar enough way to yuumans. And considering the shade has bright red eyes like Daphne, seems to only show up when Daphne is around, and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her parents (likely involving trauma), the shade could be someone related to her and watching over her.

What is the distinction between C-Grade and B-Grade AI? The main difference I can find is that B-Grade AI have the ability to initiate conversations. Such as how Arthur, a B-Grade AI, could interrupt the protagonist while they were doing something else, in contrast to the C-Grade AI guarding George's house which only responds when the protagonist engages the intercom (or otherwise attempts to enter the house).

Where did the title of The Owners come from and when was it first used? Most companies refer to the people who own company shares as shareholders, investors, or stakeholders, so I'm curious what triggered the granting of this title? Eccentricity of wealthy people I guess?

I'm also very curious about what the modifications made to Harlan's black box are. Because I feel like any changes to the super secure component that holds a Transferred yuuman's mind/soul would be very important. One modification I can think of that the FBI might want, is to allow them to look into it while it works thus turning it into a grey or white box. This is of course so they can make sure it's still Harlan in there and nothing else that Pandora might of put in there. Another could be to introduce more loyalty or obedience into the personality of the new Harlan. Although, I'm less certain about this modification since I'm pretty sure the old Harlan is an old veteran friend of Bradbury's rather than some kind of useful criminal I initially thought he was.

Here's another history question, when and why was the no violence for no reason whatsoever law passed? I'm particularly curious about the kinds of arguments that were made to particularly exclude self defence as an exception to it. Since, as far as I can reason, not allowing self defence unreasonably burdens the targets of attacks and thus emboldens initiators. Consider that anyone being attacked have only three initial options: attempt to flee, which is the only right option according to this law and could fail due to the environment, and the skills of the attacker and target; take the beating without fighting back, which could result in death and is guaranteed to be painful, and then report the attacker, if able, to get some semblance of justice; and defending themselves which doesn't stop the attacker from attacking someone else without also punishing the defender when reporting the fight. Now consider these outcomes from an attacker's perspective, who has the advantage of choosing the location and method of attack, and is already willing to risk becoming a target for law enforcement: if their target flees they either catch them, which allows the attacker to continue with their plan, or they escape which means no fight occurred and thus the attacker is not punished; if their target takes the beating, the attacker's plan can continue as intended; and if their target does fight back, they can disengage without the worry of the target reporting the fight since that would punish them both. So not exempting self defence from a no violence law mostly serves to hide fights rather than deter them.

Anyway, regardless of whether these question that I have posed get answered or even considered, if you couldn't tell, I'm very invested in this great story and I'm glad to have stumbled upon it. Keep up the good work!

I'm letting you know 2 things:

1. build 11 is out in case you didnt know.

2. I hope the mc gets the ability to f*** with gravity cuz why not!  :D

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just finished chapter 8 I loved it I also have a question i believe jasper said that the media was 1 of the businesses pandora doesn't mostly govern but what are the others?

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Words cannot describe the childlike joy I felt upon seeing a Protogen visor in this.

Also here's hoping René doesn't realize that he and you are the same entity, I can't see him tending to the library in the middle of an existential crisis.

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Maybe we'll have the option to tell him at the very end of the story 

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