New Build Up On Patreon/Ko-Fi

Hey! Sorry for the wait, we finally finished the new update!

Build 9.9 includes a whole new chapter, new backgrounds, new sprites, new music, a reworked fanart gallery (no more stretched out artworks!!!), and new insights into the world of NMF! It'll be updated today to 10.0, which will include the missing Library sequence (didn't really have the time to work on it until now TwT), some missing SFX (hopefully), and a few minor optimizations to this and past chapters courtesy of our new proofreader.

However, since the main bulk of the update was released yesterday and what we're adding today is mostly fluff, the new public build will be released accordingly, on Thursday the 23rd! Hope you guys can hang on until then, this really is one of our most interesting updates yet! ^w^

See you on Thursday!

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i hope i get to make jasper a husbando