Build 9 is ready! Kind of!

It's finally out! Took even longer than I thought it would on account of some last-minute delays (and the situation in Ukraine not improving in the least also contributed), but we've finally got something ready! Kind of!

There's a sequence in this update where six people are in a room at once, and for the most part, we only get to see two of them at once. It's definitely not ideal, and you can tell that something's wrong with that scene. We're working on ways to improve it in the following month, but we can't whip up a fix in a reasonable time, so it'll have to go as-is for now. Other than that, most of what we wanted to show is there, including one of our most interesting story beats yet, so I'm sure you guys will appreciate nonetheless.

We also fixed some bugs (including a nasty one during the chapter select sequence that messed up your name if you chose to change it) and a bunch of plot holes in earlier chapters, as well as some pronoun issues in dialogues. Overall, this is pretty decent!

We should have a new halfway build ready for our Patrons soon-ish too. Probably by the middle of next week at the latest. I've been looking forward to this part of the story for a while now, and I hope you will as well once you're done with the current update.

Look forward to more awesome stuff from the team, although at a somewhat slow pace due to the circumstances. See you again soon-ish! ^w^

Oh, also, Android build coming tomorrow, and iOS build coming soon =V

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Apr 22, 2022

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love this game, one of my favourite VNs

gonna predict that: 

  • Arthur or another AI used for a similar test is gonna be a big antagonist because of the whole scene where Mary looks for the box it came in sounds like foreshadowing. A Pandora's Box if you will. lol
  • Daphne and especially Apollo are both foils for Isaac, the former in how she deals with her undeniable non-yuumanity, and the latter in his inherent yuumanity despite potentially failing overly conservative definitions of (real life) humanity.
  • Bradbury has either studied his bodyguard synth and found an unethical method to exploit (shut down or control) or weakness, or is actually close to them somehow, making an exception and pulling in a favour to save them.

posting on this month old post so it only reaches people who've played the whole thing.


Great work ^-^

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I'm on android and it won't even open the file i dont know what's happening and why I can't install it

I have tried both downloads just to be sure and still doesn't work


It's written at the end of the devlog :

> Oh, also, Android build coming tomorrow, and iOS build coming soon =V

What you downloaded was the windows version and the apple version and obviously none of them would have run on android ^^'.

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/ ! \ Fixed in the latest build, go grab it instead.

I haven't dived in the new update but when i checked the fanart gallery, some pictures wouldn't load and gave me the following message "image fanart <name> not found.".
So i looked a bit in the code and in the file game/imageDefines.rpy added theses lines (462~465) :

image fanart IsaacDrizzle = im.Scale("bg/fanart/IsaacDrizzle.webp", 1920, 1080)

    image fanart IsaacNexiNexal = im.Scale("bg/fanart/IsaacNexiNexal.webp", 1920, 1080)

    image fanart IsaacWen = im.Scale("bg/fanart/IsaacWen.webp", 1920, 1080)

    image fanart IsaacTempest = im.Scale("bg/fanart/IsaacTempest.webp", 1920, 1080)

    image fanart IsaacSabre = im.Scale("bg/fanart/IsaacSabre.webp", 1920, 1080)

Don't know if i messed up somewhere or if these lines are really missing but in case someone have the same issue, there you have the fix.


Oh yes thanks! We noticed fairly quickly. It's fixed now, so please download the game again if you haven't already.

They're still stretched, but at least they display!

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Yup, the issue is fixed now, i just wanted to write it in case someone (like me) isn't in the discord server (or anything else .....) and want to fix quickly themselves ^^'.
And yeah i knew it would be quickly fixed since it was a pretty obvious one ^^'.
Anyway never used ren'py and had fun digging through the code to find the fix myself ^^'.