Small Update on our brief hiatus

Hey everyone! Thought I'd update you all on the state of the project, since I just realized that we never wrote a devlog here on Itch to explain the situation.

To put it simply, Ukraine happened. And our artist, Nik, lives there. He may live in an area far away from the main fighting, but he's still at risk because of the invasion. Luckily, aside from vanishing for a few days because of the Internet being a little unstable, he's been doing mostly fine, and he still has access to water, gas, electricity, an ample food supply, and even the Internet for the time being. He's still working hard on the project (we tried to stop him, but he'd rather work on that than focus on his own thoughts or art at the moment), and so are we, albeit in a much slower fashion.

I haven't had it in me to keep working on the script with so much anxiety inside me, but hopefully I can resume in the coming days. Our updates have been slowed down by this unexpected war, but we'll surely recover in due time. We still paused our Patreon for the time being, but with some luck we'll be able to reopen it next month. You can still subscribe if you want access to the new halfway build coming in a few weeks!

With that said, I guess I'll see you next month. Stay hopeful! ^w^

Update: in a previous version of this post, I called the army invading Ukraine "the soviets". This was to distinguish them from the Russians that are dear to my heart that are against, and even actively protest this insane conflict. It was never my intention to conflate the two terms, though I understand why people would come to that assumption. I leave this clarification here so people don't think I'm trying to erase my mistakes. Know that I never meant to offend anyone, and I apologize if my emotions got the best of me.

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Hope Nik's safe, its completely understandable about the hiatus!


You don't have to apologize, it's completely understandable! Good luck to all of you and stay safe out there, Nik!


Oh my, that's terrible! I hope Nik will be safe.

Please don't feel bad for the slower updates, it's more than understandable. Best of luck to all of you.


All the best to the team, with love, from: all of us


We are not Soviets. We are Russians now. And not all Russians approve our leader's awful blood politics. So my grandfather and two uncles are Ukrainians. We are brother nations, but everyone wants to turn us against each other. Sad. 

I still hope that our  f***ing leader will come to his senses and stop this mess. Never voted for him, by the way. 


Oh, I never meant to imply the Russians were behind this attack. Hence my use of the term "soviets" to distinguish between those who are participating in this callous invasion and repeating the history of their predecessors, and the good-hearted Russians who are trying to oppose this. I apologize if I wasn't clear though. -w-


I definitely agree with this reasoning. From the media coverage we're receiving in the west, it seems that the Russian people, both civilians and even many of their troops that were tricked into going to war, are completely blameless here and don't want this war or the horrible consequences it's causing. The real problem is the Russian leadership, most of whom are relics of the Soviet Union and are acting like it's still Soviet Russia. It breaks my heart to see the Russians have to deal with such horrible leaders and to see Ukraine suffering so much because of them. I'm so glad to hear Nik is doing okay, I can't imagine what he's been going through.


Thanks for letting us know. I hope Nik and the rest of you guys stay safe and healthy!