NMF Build 5.1 Now Out! (Now 5.2)

Hello everyone! Build 5.1 is now ready for download after a long wait. And yeah, we already upgraded to 5.1 since the original Patreon build had some... problems. Hopefully all solved by now!

This build introduces our finished UI for the game, our gallery (divided into Backgrounds, CGs and Fanart), and a new scene at the end of the build with our favorite catboi René. There are also a handful of small improvements all throughout, but nothing too major.

Now that we have a Fanart gallery, we're now open for fanart submissions! If you drew a cool piece featuring the world or the cast of NMF and would like to share it with us, feel free to do so on our Discord server or on Twitter! You may have a chance at being featured in the game itself in this exclusive gallery!

The Android version is coming out later this evening, so hold on tight until then.

Halfway Build 5.5 is also gonna release tomorrow and this one, unfinished though it may be, is probably one of our coolest builds yet! So be sure to donate to our Patreon or Ko-Fiif you wanna check it out for yourself.

Build 6.0 is gonna release (at least on Patreon) by the end of the month, featuring the full fifth chapter of the game and a new René sequence at the end. After that, we're gonna spend a few weeks reworking the first four chapters of the game to make them even better than they currently are: I know this may seem redundant to some of you, but believe me when I say I played the game, and it could definitely use some... improvements in the early sections. Some of the changes I plan to make are gonna be so impactful, you're definitely gonna want to play through the game again. It'll be a whole new experience!

Also, I found an "opportunity" at a local firm out of nowhere. It's too early to call it a job, but from the looks of it this could be very, very interesting. If this leads anywhere, I'll be sure to tell you more; for now, just know that this won't impact our schedule for the foreseeable future.

See you at the end of the month! Or tomorrow, if you're a Patron/Donor. ^w^

Update: looks like there were still a couple problems left that I thought I'd already dealt with. I pushed a new update named 5.2 now, hopefully no one has issues with it. Still waiting on the android version, should have both that and all versions of 5.5 ready for Patreon by the end of the day.


NMF-5.1-pc.zip 188 MB
Oct 12, 2021
NMF-5.1-mac.zip 154 MB
Oct 12, 2021

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Congrats on the potential new job!


Thanks! Looks good so far, we'll see where it goes.