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The script was... interesting.

There are a lot of creators out there who love to complain about storytelling cliches, even as they frequently use more storytelling cliches than everyone around them.

It's... odd.

But there are many, many cliches when it comes to most visual novels.

Your self-aware parody was... unique.

Though, it does make me wonder if there are any creators out there who would sincerely care enough to write a story that doesn't revolve around wit and sarcasm and unoriginal references...

Maybe one day.

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Bro the sentence "shockingly and surprisingly, breasting boobily down the stairs." Had me dead

Edit: where is the elbow drop goddamnit I just realized this was released last year so IMMA NEED TO SEE MARRY GET ELBOW DROPPED SOME TIME THIS YEAR IDC IF ITS THE LAST DAY OF JULY IMMA NEED TO SEE IT

this is the best game that has ever been made.

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It was really funny, I had trouble reading it from laughter

Hmm,  no more future based?  I did not finish no more future, but sounds fun :)


This game is good


Now this is the kind of quality content worthy of being played at three in the morning

once i burn through no more future imma see what this is about

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this is stupid and i love it i just luah at the first part of the game



is that a toaster?

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Should've been YassLessPast  smh /j. Btw I am the one of the three Arthur fans #Arthurisn'tabusiveandIcandfixhimandmakehimbetter


yaaaaaaaaas queen


Ik I'm a year too late but





absolutely amazing

11/10 the toaster set my house on fire


This is... Art


... 10/10 - phalanxx


Nemurin in maid dress 11/10

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the acronym for the game ylp is pronounced UH-LU-P its a silent y. also it would be cool if in the conversation part of the GUI the names changed every time, so when it is drawn the names are randomly selected from lists of names that are remotely similar.





I was disappointed that this wasn't just a virus.


the ultimate april fools prank


Time for the real future! Assume your T-Pose!


Instructions unclear, after pulling my phone out of the toaster it still won't run the game.


Sex DLc when


This game gets 27777777777 pancakes out of 5215692 random junk